Toilets de los Muertos

January 24, 2014 admin

thea chozaIt’s Friday so to spread the weekend love I thought I’d take a quick opportunity to show you some of the kick ass work of my friend Thea Wilkins. There she is (at least I think that’s her, tricky to see with the mask!)

Thea finished her Illustration degree at Brighton Uni last year and has since been killing it around Brighton doing murals and signage for pubs and shops. You can see her stuff at the Marlbourgh Pub in Kemptown and she regularly does the windows at the Fountain Head.

Check out some pictures I snuck of the lady doing the toilets in one of the most delicious Mexican restaurants in Brighton, La Choza on Gloucester Road.

thea choza ladies mensThis isnt the first loo that Thea has pimpped. It all started with the Burn Your Dregs competition for Wahoo Bar where she did her first Day of the Dead loo, entitled VooPoo shack. La Choza saw that design and liked it so wanted her to do a more brightly coloured version for their loos and didn’t she just!

thea choza closeups

I asked Thea about her run of lavvy murals, she said “I’m glad to have surfaced from the toilets and moved onto murals and windows around Brighton. Glad to have brightened peoples penny’s up though!”

thea other

You can follow Thea on all the normal social media bits and bobs here. Give her a poke and say I said Hi!

Twitter: @TheaZLWilkins

Facebook: TheaZLWilkins