New Year and 2013 Round Up

January 8, 2014 admin

So we survived it people! Well done and pats on the back all round.

christmas 2

I bloody love Christmas and this year was made all the more exciting because it was my first being a printmaker full time and joining in on the madness that comes with selling your wares around that time of year. I knew a bit about what to expect but I am so happy to have been kept so busy so thank you to anyone who contributed towards that.

MB21st 2A huge part was obviously the many many wonderfully fairs that Brighton has to offer. It’s such a great mix of getting to chat to customers and get some great feedback on what you’re doing as well as catching up with other people in the Brighton makers community and meet some new faces. It’s always a really positive experience and hopefully you do some decent sales on the day too! Highlights for me this season were definitely the Craftaganza weekend and the Makers Boutique right before Christmas.

MB 21st

The Makers Boutique coincided with the annual Burning the Clocks, which is a street festival and parade that happens on the winter solstice every year in Brighton. Normally it ends with a huge fireworks display and unsurprisingly a big clock of sorts being set on fire in the sea. Brighton is a strange cookie that’s for sure. unfortunately because of the bad weather we’d been having the fireworks were cancelled but the lantern parade still went ahead so after a really great day at the fair we got to catch the parade just as we were leaving.

burning of the clocks

The last job of the year was then to take down the exhibition at the Fishing Quarter Gallery, which had been up since October, then it was Christmas all the way from there!

I wont prattle on too much about the holidays but, as I’m sure most of them are, my family are bonkers so we had much fun all round, he’s a little round up of snaps to give you an idea. Big shout out to the Tunbridge Wells panto, brilliant as always!


granny square redSo now it’s 2014 and I’m 6 months into being self employed! I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year. I have goals to write and plans to make and fingers to cross that this year will be as good and better than the last. I’ve already added my first new product of the year which is a nice big crochet granny square and is now available in my online shops

Thank you so much to everyone who has lent me a helping hand so far and to anyone who has parted with their hard earned cast for anything Pickle-y. Also to all of the lovely makers in Brighton who are so helpful and supportive if anyone has a question or two and my brilliant stockists as well.

I’ll leave you with a little look at what all this blustery weather has done to the Brighton seafront. Yeah, all of those stones don’t belong on that side of the fence!

brighton beach