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Everything that I do as Woah there Pickle starts as a hand carved linocut. Each of my designs has been drawn and then traced onto a piece of soft cut lino, carved out, inked up and pressed onto paper to create a unique print.

Carving a block if probably my favouite part. It can take a long time and if you make a mistake its in the block forever (or in a few drastic cases, you have to perform block surgery!) but that's part f it's charm.

Linocutting is a fantastic way to get into printmaking because you barely need any equipment. I don't have a press, I hand burnish my prints so all you need is a piece of lino, a carving tool,  a roller, ink, paper and you're off. Really, give it a go! You'll get the bug and eventually you stop stabbing yourself with the carving tools!


While all of my products start as linocuts some of them get turned into other things. One of them is foil prints.

These prints are so shiny they're a massive pain to photograph! Really, check in some of the pictures and you'll probably see my head poking in somewhere. The metallic effect is from using toner foils.

The linocut designs are processed into digital files and then printed onto cartridge papers using a normal laser printer. The toner foil, which comes on rolls of backing film, is cut to size covering the whole design and then the whole lot is run through a machine not unlike a home laminator.

Once it has gone through that the film is peeled off and the foil will have stuck to the areas printed in laser toner. Each one is done by hand so is unique and full of character.

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Screen Printing

This year I have very excitingly set myself up to do screen printing on a small scale from my home studio!

Again, starting with my linocut designs I have processed them digitally and sent them to a lovely company to produce screens for me. Now, I love printmaking and would dearly love to get stuck into screen processing but there is where screen printing need a bit more set up than linocutting. This requires a dark room and an exposure unit which Casa Pickle can not accommodate. Although people do have pretty neat set ups at home - if you want to try don't be put off and check some DIY printers!

Once you've got screens made though it's plain sailing to print town. A squeegee, board and some special hinges are about all you need so I can now hand print my own tote bags.