Joan of Art Launch

March 8, 2014 admin

Spring is upon us (just about) and the daffodils are poking their heads out of the still quite soggy ground! We are getting some really lovely days down here in Brighton finally so I’m currently trying to decide how long it is until it’s acceptable to eat my weight in Boho Gelato again. I’m going to say…that’s going to happen pretty much when I finish typing this.


So whats going on in this newly not freezing Brighton? Well, last weekend was the launch of my dear friends’, Suki Price and Thea Wilkins’s new venture, Joan of Art. What’s that you say? Let me fill you in!

Joan of Art provides new and vintage art supplies to the arty folks of Brighton. They have been online and popping up at craft fairs for a little while now but this weekend saw the launch of their permanent place in the Art Schism Gallery in the North Laine area of Brighton. Now you can pop in and grab one of their cute Urban Sketching Kits for a gift or stock up on pencils and paints.

joan stuff

At the launch last Saturday spirits were high and were initially helped along by live music by a portion of the brilliantly pirate-y The Captains Beard. There were sea shanties galore, many ARGHHHs and they even managed to get the crowd doing a good old spin-each-other-round-by-the-elbow dance in among the art.

joan drawing

Then there was Joan of Art themed life drawing where the model was dressed like the triumphant Joan in the girls’ logo right down to the pencil flag. Even I joined in and I never do life drawing!

joan 3

So now they’re in! Well done girls! I hope it all goes swimmingly and if you’re in Brighton this weekend why not pop in to¬†Art Schism and check out not only the awesome artwork they have there but Joan of Arts lovely bits and bobs too.

Check out Joan of Art’s Facebook page: