Crafty Fox Spring Markets

April 17, 2014 admin

CFM badges

As you might have seen, I took Woah there Pickle up to London for the first time last week for the Saturday of the marvelous Craft Fox Market. They are doing two weekends in their Spring events schedule this year, and I was selling my bits and bobs at their Peckham market. Here we all are on the second floor, setting up before the many many shoppers arrive!

CFM setting up

It was held in the Bussey Building which I have never been to before and as I arrived through the back entrance I only spied all of the incredible street art around it on my way out. Check out that insanely cool (and pretty scary) bird!

CFM Burssey

CFM street art 1

This was an event I was very excited to be part of because of the brilliant reputation of Crafty Fox which is down to their impeccable choice of sellers for their markets. Looking at the event list beforehand I knew I would be in very good company and I recognised loads of them and their treasures from following on twitter and instagram. It was very hard to make it home with my earnings still in my pocket!

CFM Pickle2It was a beautiful day and the sun was out so everyone seemed to be in the perfect mood to have a little nose around a craft market. It was absolutely rammed all day with lovely people to chat to, I barely had a chance to run around and have a nose at everything on the two floors it covered myself!

Here’s a very small selection of my favorite sellers of the Saturday from the very speedy look about I managed to do while briefly abandoning my stall! ….

CFM andsmileAnd Smile

Viktorija was my neighbour for the day and I have long been an admirer of her work. She illustrates beautiful jewellery around lots of themes but my favourites are her Wes Anderson characters, they are just perfect!

Check her out here:


CFM Ladybird likesLadybird Likes

Ladybird Likes makes all sorts of lovely printed wooden jewellery, really quirky and unique. Again I’ve been following these guys on instagram and particularly loved the brilliant mega pug and cat necklaces they’ve just launched. Just brilliant so go and check those out for sure.


CFM KimKim-Anh Chiem

Kim-Anh makes the most perfect ceramic replicas of real life items and I want them all! The little ceramic Sushi Fish necklace, the little ceramic versions of the paper condiment pots you get in fast food places and of course the beautifully glazed pink shrimp sweet brooches you can see here. They’re so clever!

Seems I was eyeing up a lot of jewellery but who could blame me with that lovely lot. The other thing that caught my eye (shocker!) and it was such a shame I didnt have a second to play was the kick ass screen printing workshop run by Mr Wingate who will be at all of Crafty Fox’s Sprint markets. All that fun printing on bags or aprons for just a fiver? Bargain if you ask me!

CFM printing

CFM Pickle1So all that was just the Saturday! They still have two more days of Markets planned for Spring, this time in Brixton where there will be many many more awesome designers/makers including Brighton favourite Kirstin Stride so go and say hi to the nice lady.




For all the details check out Crafty Fox’s Website here: