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April 7, 2014 admin

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Did you see us? Last Saturday 14 members of the Brighton Etsy Team took part in an event for Etsy’s Craftivism month of March. We inhabited the window of Super + Super two by two for an hour a go to make all sorts of crafty bits and bobs in front of your very eyes. Then, all of the resulting treasures plus many many more from the other super members of the team have all been put into a big raffle in aid of Carousel.


Carousel is a Brighton based clarity who works with projects to develop creative skills and to help people with learning disabilities become involved in the arts. They do fantastic work so why not pick up a couple of tickets and support this awesome charity and fingers crossed you’ll win some goodies too.

craftivism makers2

Here’s a few snaps of the day, aren’t’ we busy bees in that window? The whole thing was recorded with a time lapse camera in there with us so look out for the video of that, I bet its going to be interesting! As well as that, there was all sorts of crafting taking place. Knitting (some normal size, some MASSIVE), jewellery making, hand drawn dolls, upcycled stationery, painting, hat making and of course a few forms of printmaking.

I chose to make a little card and a was determined to carve and print the whole thing in the hour we had. Even though me and my window mate, Kirstin, were raucously laughing for most of it, I did indeed manage to get the whole thing done and a few prints out in the hour. Phew! And here’s my progress…

craftivism pickle

All of the bits and bobs we made are now on display in the window of Super + Super on Kings Road so go and scope out your dream prize then get yourself a ticket. You can grab one at the Brighton Etsy Team Talk at The Open Market tonight (Monday 7th) or contact a team member through the comments section on their blog below. It’s open until the end of April so get involved!

For more info on Carousel check out their website:

For more info on the Brighton Etsy Team check out their blog:

craftivism finished window