Etsy Craft Party Window and Bristol Pop up Shop

Super + Super Window

Photo 04-07-2013 13 33 21Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the Brighton Etsy team (and especially Cheska of Mooshpie, check  her website out here) the window display at Super + Super HQ is now up. It looks amazing and already they’ve said they have had loads of great comments about it. I’m not surprised! It’s all built around the craft camp theme from the party and features the most colourful camp site I’ve seen since last years Bestival. The tent and merit badges were all hand decorated an in some cases even screenprinted by team members and expertly put together on Monday. Have a peek at these pictures and see if you can spot the massive version of the pencil badge  I made for it.


Cappucchino Cards Pop Up Shop

The second bit of new this week is that my work will be available the Cappuchino cards Pop Up Shop in Bristol this week only which is just in time for the city’s St Paul’s Carnival.

logo colour theme 1 with Helvetica

Cappuccino cards are a fantastic website selling beautiful greeting cards for every occasion with £1 from each card going to a charity of your choosing. They could not be nicer people so I’m really please to be working with them on this pop up shop and stay turned for my cards and prints begin available on their website. Have a look on and for more details see my events page here


New Stockist – Red Door Gallery

img_6529I’m very pleased to now have my prints available at the Red door Gallery in Edinburgh. There you will find the New Orleans collection as well as a few other old faves and some of my new foiled badges. They’ve been going for 10 years now and they specialize in affordable artwork, indie prints, artists books, accessories, jewellery, homewares and artist cards. They have over 100 artists in their collection, many of them wonderful printmakers so do check them out. Visit their website: and their blog post about my work can be found here:

Gummy Bear Attack

DSCF5099I’ve had a busy old week this week. After a couple of weekend fairs the card stocks were a bit low so I had a bit of a card printing marathon and decided to add a small army of gummy bears to the mix. Of course I had to print him in a few flavors to make sure I had everyone favorites but now I fear I’m out numbered! These will be up in the shop soon so keep an eye out.

DSCF5119Also very exciting (and by very exciting I mean only exciting to me) I finally got round to getting a stamp made. Now there is no end to the things that have pickles on them so fair warning, I’m indiscriminate in surface choice and will probably stamp your face if given the chance. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon!

In other probably more relevant news, I’ve added a few more events that I’ll be selling at to the calendar. These include the Brunswick Festival which was so fun last year that I’ll be there both days this time on the 17th and 18th August. Also, the St Anne’s Well Rural Day which I’m especially looking forward to because it features the Scruffs Dog Show so there will be many furry friends to make on the day. That will be on the 11th August so come on over, I’ll have the badge maker at both events.

Etsy Craft Party and Stalls

Etsy Craft Party

This Thursday was the 4th annual Etsy Craft Party event. It’s a bit of a knees up which gets teams of crafters all over the world getting together to share skills, show the community what everyone does and have an excuse for a much needed natter. We cross paths at so many fairs but its hard to man a stall and chat as well so its was nice to get the chance.


I don’t think Brighton have taken part in it before so it was quite exciting and a really nice afternoon thanks to the tireless organisers from the Brighton Etsy Team. At Super + Super HQ there was knitting, felting, bookmaking and merit badge making all on offer and I made myself a little pencil badge. There was a really good turn out and everyone got good and stuck in and there were some awesome bits being made, some of which will go into a window display at the venue from the 1st July so looking forward to seeing how that comes out too. Thanks for a great event to everyone involved, double thumbs up.

Check out the other efforts of the Brighton Etsy Team here

Brighton Craft Alliance

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a stall with Suki Price, a fellow slave to lino, at the Unitarian Church in Brighton. Since getting back from my trip, the last couple of days have been reprinting old favorites and I also thought I’d do a new design for the occasion. The result is the little guy below who will be available in white and also black as prints and cards tomorrow at the fair from then I’ll get him up in the shop soon.

It all kicks off at 11am so I hope to see you there and if you do come along do say Howdy!


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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello and welcome to the newly crafted website of Woah there Pickle.

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Now, I’m in the process of building this site (and learning how to do it along the way!) so please forgive me if its a little bit rough around the edges. If you have any feedback about anything up so far or just want to say ‘Oi! What the hell have you done there?!’ send me a message through the contact form, I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime think of me slaving away on my computer banging my head against the wall. Well, given that I’ve taken myself off to Spain to ‘avoid any distractions’ while I’m doing it, I don’t think I’m going to get much sympathy. Fair Enough!