Craftaganza Christmas Market

craftaganza 2

We’re in full Christmas swing now! The fairs are coming thick and fast and last weekend was definitely one of the highlights of the festive calendar. I was selling my wares among many of my favourite Brighton designers at the always kick ass Craftaganza.

craftaganza xmas ladiesThere were so many wonderful familiar faces and new crafty friends to make and that’s just the sellers! We had some fine folk in a festive spirit visiting throughout the weekend as well, check out these lovely Christmassy ladies. They get a 10 for effort and cheer.


Here’s a peek at my set up this time, I had a whole table to myself which is a bit of a treat so I filled it with all sorts of goodies including some stocking filler badge sets and lucky dip bags, good old Elfis and my new Troll foil prints who went down a treat. It seems everyone who I got to chat to has a little collection of troll dolls from their youth hiding up in the loft! I think I might be responsible for a shiny troll army about to take over Brighton though. My bad!

craftaganza 3

Here are some of my favourite sellers from the Sunday, I was unfortunatly too busy nattering and drinking mulled wine on Saturday to manage to get out and take some pictures.

craftaganza mooshpieMooshpie

I love Mooshpie’s cute little screen printed and hand embroidered bits and bobs. Their rosy little pink cheeks are so lovely and cosy, perfect for popping on the wall of your snug house in winter! She is a true master of the elusive gocco printer.



craftaganza textile gardenTextile Garden

Now here was a stall you could spend hours poking through and find so many interesting treasures. Who doesn’t love a big old button collection and there were some gems here, especially ones with all the holes drilled for you to embroider your own designs on them, so clever!


craftaganza rockcakesRockcakes

Sarah was my neighbour for the weekend so I had plenty of time to lust over her beautiful silver and gold jewellery featuring cute little critter kings with their shiny crowns and clever laser cut wooden and acrylic brooches. I decided that I want them all in the end!


craftaganza Maria TilyardMaria Tilyard Designs

Maria was there selling to most beautiful handmade creature cushions, the foxes and greyhounds were my favourite, they looked so sly with their long pointy noses. The detailing on them was wonderful as well like the sparkly fabric she used for the eyes which gave them such a mischievous twinkle!


craftaganza gobbles


Lastly, who could resist these guys! So many bright and bold colours and personalities. There was even one with a little gobble of his own, puppets with puppets – genius!

So that’s Craftaganza done for this year. Huge thanks to the wonderful Zoe and her merry helpers Sarah and Kirstin, it was a blast as always! And I’ll be selling this coming weekend, with Suki Price at Art Junky in the Phoenix Gallery Brighton…come on over for more Christmas crafty shopping.

craftaganza 1

Can I put my Christmas tree up yet?

I bloody love  Christmas! When else do you get to legitimately cover everything in your house in sparkly stuff and then put extra things in your house on which to hang MORE sparkly stuff on.

The best part of that of course is the Christmas tree and mine is a beaut even if I do say so myself! I have been collecting glass ornaments for years and have a big old collection of all sorts of bits and bobs, I’m sure I will post a million pictures when its finally up but suffice to say it’s a bit beyond snowflakes and Santas, oh yes!

christmas tree decs

I try not to get too carried away with new decorations but its tricky when you spot a gem. I’ve been good this year though and I’ve just got three new ones to pop up. I have been away a bit this year so I got all of these on different trips and miraculously they all made it back home in one piece. I’ve got a cheeky hula girl and a Fleur de Lis in the Saints black and gold both from New Orleans (I did go to Hawaii too but technically Lady Hula is a Nola girl). Then from the last trip I went on, an Eiffel Tower from Paris.

Christmas PickleOn to the tree they’ll go this weekend with this little fella – oh course I have a pickle! I’ve been told its actually a very old Christmas tradition to have a Pickle of your tree. All the kids are supposed to find it on Christmas morning while its camouflaged against the green tree needles and the first to find it gets to open the first present.

Don’t forget, I’ve got loads of Christmas cards in my range this year, both hand printed and packs of digitally printed cards so if you fancy something a bit different for your cards this year you can come see me at one of the many Christmas fairs I’m doing or have a look at my online shops.

Christmas card range

Christmas Fairs —-> here!

Online shop —–> here!


Fairytale Fair Christmas Market

First fair of the season done and dusted and what a great way to kick it off. Last weekend was the Fairytale Fair in Patcham just outside of Brighton city centre and the makers of Brighton were out in force. It was so lovely to have a bit of a catch up with what everyone’s been doing and meet a few new faces (normally to match to usernames on twitter and the like!). I was selling my pickley bits and bobs with my good friend Suki Price who also makes linocuts like a demon. We’ll be selling at a few fairs together this Christmas.

FTF vicky and Suki

FTF bandThe Fairytale Fair has a lot going on besides all the wonderful goodies on sale. People were greeted by the Patcham Youth Silver Band playing festive tunes to get everyone in the mood right off the bat then once inside there were many treasures to be found as well as more entertainment from vintage singer Noelle Vaughn and one of the most insane balloon artists I’ve ever seen.

FTF Yellow Bear WaresThere were workshops run by the likes of the lovely Claire from Yellow Bear Wares who had THE MOST ENORMOUS knitting needles I’ve ever seen (made by her Dad no less) and was teaching people to do massive knitting along side selling her really beautiful range of jewellery all made from colourful vintage knitting needles. I’ve really never seen anything like these before, they’re so original, bright and a very pleasingly glossy plastic. Very clever stuff.

FTF The Big ForestOnce you were into the belly of the fair there were some of my absolute favourites to have a nose at. The lovely fellas from The Big Forest were there with their critters and creatures that never fail to make me grin from ear to ear. There is such thought and attention to detail that goes into their little characters like little badges or clever stitching details. Just lovely all of them!

FTF I Like CatsAlso there was the awesome Toby of I Like CATS, who’s collection of products featuring (you guessed it) cats of all shapes and colours and sizes are just so cute! There are some unique, one of a kind hand painted broaches, rings and even Christmas tree ornaments with his playful little kitties all up on them. Toby has also designed some brilliant illustrated fabric which he uses to make purses, pencil cases and cushions for the cat lover in your life, do check them out.

FTF whole fair

FTF wood cut prayerSo there we go, first one done! I did just want to include a picture of this amazing wood cut they had on the wall of the Patcham Methodist Church where the fair was held, how beautiful its that! Is it bad that all I can think of when I look at it is ‘I wonder how that would print?’ I don’t think I’d be allowed back if I gave it a go but if you separated the layers I bet you could totally ink that up!



Next fair I’ll be at is Craftaganza on the 7th and 8th December, come and have a glass of mulled wine (I sure do hope they have it on sale again this year!) and say Hi!


Christmas Pickle Events

It’s undeniable now that Christmas is on it’s way. I have had had a mulled wine AND a mulled cider so all that’s left is to see the Christmas Coke advert and its official! Here’s a quick run down of all of the many many places I’ll be selling my Pickley bits and bobs around Brighton this festive season should need a few ideas for presents for print loving peoples.

161113 fairytale fairFairytale Fair

Patcham Methodist Church

16th November 10.30am to 4pm

Event details can be found here







Fabrica Gallery

7th and 8th December 11am to 5pm both days

Event details can be found here





artjunky 141213Art Junky

Phoenix Gallery

14th and 15th December 11am to 5pm both days

Event details can be found here





mb2013flyerMakers Boutique Craft Market

Unitarian Church

21st December 11am to 5pm

Event details can be found here





On top of all of those wonderful fairs you can pop down to the Markers Boutique Fishing Quarter Gallery on Brighton Seafont any Friday Saturday or Sunder up until the 21st December.

Oh the shopping options! Do come over and say hi if you are around, its always so lovely to have a bit of a chat plus there will be so many brilliant sellers at all of these fairs, I’d best start saving my pennies now!

Makers Boutique Fishing Quarter Gallery

Winter Pop Up Shop

It’s up and running and looking great so I guess I should shout about it a wee bit after all of that hard work huh?

BFQ Pickle 2

The lovely gals of Makers Boutique have been popping up with exhibitions at the lovely little Fishing Quarter Gallery on the Brighton seafront for a few years now and I’m trilled to be in it this year.

BFQ sea viewOne of the best things about Brighton is of course the beach but it’s not just for summer, oh no! Look at this view from the front door!  The seafront is brilliant to pop down to in the winter as well when the sea is all angry looking or if you have one of those rare random bright and sunny winters days. There’s still a few bars open for a cheeky pint, there’s the hardcore seafood sellers and the smoke house right next door to our gallery, as well as some of my favourite other galleries in Brighton like Castor and Pollux.

BFQ mainIf you find yourself enjoying any of these winter delights then do nip in to the Fishing Quarter Gallery to check out our pop up shop which is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays until the 21st December so it’s perfect for a spot of Christmas shopping.

Here are a few snaps of the space and some of my favourite sellers from the exhibition. Also check out the beautiful hand painted fishy signs at the top of the arch, do you think they’d notice if they went missing after the show?!


BFQ Beach shack projectBeach Shack Project

A whole range of beautiful jewellrey and boat art made from treasures found from the sea. Their website also has a really interesting guide to the different bits and bobs and kinds of sea glass you can find on beaches so go and check that out.


BFQ karen raoKaren Rao

Karen is a master of making really bright and fun things out of hand made felt. As well as these awesome hats (which you can’t help but try on and give a little ROAR!) there are felted pictures, broaches and other wonders.





These guys are a firm Brighton favourite for me. Fellow Brighton printmakers HelloDODO bring their quite frankly hilarious pun loving screen prints to the exhibition. I also love their range of Party Animals which always make me chuckle. Look at that lion, he’s got a hat on! Brilliant!



BFQ Helen Lucas

Helen Lucas

Helen’s ceramics are just beautiful. She’s selling a whole range of items but my favourites are definitely the mugs with carousel horse inspired handles. They are so at home at our Brighton seafront location and all hand crafted so no two are alike.



And these are just a few of the great bunch of people involved this winter. Head over to the Makers Boutique website for the full list or stick your head in the door during the below times. I should say that if the weather is throwing one of it’s soggy hissy fits it might have to close for the day but the hours will normally be:

BFQ bean

Friday 12-5pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-5pm
Last day is December 21st

More information here:

And if you’re really lucky the welcome pup Bean (who you’ll recognise from the leaflets) might be there to greet you with a wagging tail!

Drains are interesting, Trust me!

tokyo crop

Now give me a second! They really are very interesting when you start looking out for them and I started collecting up and making prints of my favourites about 4 years ago now. I bet that soon you too will have people talking about you on the street in a language you don’t understand while you try to get a good picture of the floor.


The first one came from my very first visit to New Orleans (yup, I’m banging on about New Orleans again-sorry!). There they have the awesome moon and stars design of the Crescent City Watermeter cover which you can find all over the city on t-shirts and necklaces but less so actually in the ground these days. Since its become such an iconic design for the city, even though they’re pretty damn heavy, the real watermeter covers have a habit of ‘going missing’ so lots of them were replaced with boring plain ones. You can see the appeal and it was this first one that made me start to look out for others to build a collection.

buda drain bwtelaviv bw

The next ones were the Budapest one and Tel Aviv one, both of which I snapped on holiday and added to the group. Even though they’re really cool, those cities don’t seem to make a big deal of them. Bit of a shame I thought so I carved these beauties out in lino and the project was officially on a roll. The Tev Aviv one was particularly tricky as I was trying to carve in Hebrew  (which I’m not exactly fluent in,) and backwards. The Israeli friend that I went to stay with says its not too bad but I have cut a bit off one of the letters somewhere! Don’t tell anyone though, that’s our secret.

That was the whole collection for a while, while I was off carving more whimsical things until recently when I decided that it could do with a bit of an expansion. Enter my two newest prints……..

nycFirst I have a New York one which I snapped when I visited way before this was a project just because it is obviously a very iconic design so its funny its taken me this long to do. I like how utilitarian it is especially compared to some of the more floral pattered ones you find about and it also reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so thats pretty damn cool too.

tokyoThen the last one I’ve done I have to admit is a bit of a cheat. I’m not 100% convinced it should be allowed because I didn’t collect it myself. I’ve never met one in real life! I did say that once you started looking at them you’ll notice loads of them in cool places and that spreads to your friends so my lovely friend Gemma (of Gemma with a G) sent me a few pictures of treasures from Japan. That kind of counts doesn’t it?

Japan has gone nuts for drain covers! I’d gone and done a Google to check more out after she said they were loads of kick ass ones and she was not wrong. It seems to be a bit of a thing, especially with painted ones.

I really liked the one from Tokyo that I carved in the end and although some of that painted Japanese ones were beautiful I think the thing  I like about making these prints is thinking about the cast metal cover as if they were being used to make an impression on a letterpress printer. Now that sounds like the quickest way to mash up your Vandercook so with a little bit of carving I have nice printable lino block. People quite often say they remind them of doing crayon rubbings when they were at school which really makes me smile because as you know I like crayons!

long crayons

I do still have a few up my sleeve, there’s actually a pretty interesting one hidden away in Brighton, on the top edge of Regency Square if you’re ever over that way, with a lovely big nautical star on it so maybe that one should be next but any suggestions are very welcome!

drain badgesSo…. Drains….Interesting stuff. You too can join the cool club as a drain noticer now, well done you! Thanks for reading and all of these prints are available from my shops now, also in this super shiny set of gold foil badges. Mmmmmmm gold foil!

Etsy Here :
Notonthehighstreet here:

New Stockist – Rock + Paper + Scissors

This week I have another awesome new stockist on board and this one puts a pin in the middle of the UK map for me.

SONY DSCRock + Paper + Scissors is based in Lincoln and is not just your average shop of delights. They’re also a fantastic place for a cuppa and cake with their cafe where they also run loads of awesome classes to sharpen up your making skillz (with a z) or learn something new. It sounds so lovely and they have been such a delight to deal with I’m very tempted to hop on a train to deliver some stock personally and do a lampshade making class while I’m there!

Do have a peek at their website and pop in if you’re near by and get yourself some Pickles.

Two Hands to Target TB Art Auction

52124363e4b0c36e7d291246            boxbird-gallery

I am thrilled to be part of a really great cause this Christmas. Two Hands to Target TB is the recent fundraising campaign by Target TB, they have teamed up with my one of my favourite places in Brighton, Boxbird Gallery to collect together work from all kinds of artists to be sold and the proceeds will then go towards their work.

The pieces will be available throughout November on ebay so a perfect time for a wee Christmas gift or a cheeky treat for yourself and 100% of the funds raised will go to supporting 2,000 health workers in Africa and Asia

I’ve sent them a few pieces including the ever popular Lobster Phone and as the listings come up on ebay I’ll post them about all over the place so look out for more info coming at ya!

You can find out more information about it here and information for joining in either with donations or following the auctions:

and on Boxbird’s website here:


New Stockist – Edited Brighton

EditedI am very excited to announce that a lovely new stockist to the list of place you can get your mitts on some Woah there Pickle goodies. This one is in my dear old Brighton which makes it even more special.

Edited has been open in Brighton since 2011 and is an absolute treasure trove of delights and it also has some really stunning window displays. They have just had an awesome one up by local paper artist Lou Taylor and I can’t wait to see whats next. They also hosted a Pucket tournament on Gardener Street this summer which I stumbled upon when wandering in the North Laine. It looked like brilliant fun so hopefully I’ll catch that properly if they do it again.

When my bits and bobs make their debut there I’ll be sure to pop some pictures up.

You can find them on my ‘Finding Pickle‘ page now.

Makers Boutique galore

Makers Boutique Sept Craft Fair

Makers Boutique Sept13

Last weekend I had my first stall at the monthly Makers Boutique craft market.

Makers Boutique Sept13 2Makers has a fantastic reputation in Brighton for consistently bringing together a wide range of talented makers and designers at their regular fairs so it was great to be involved. This months fair happened to coincide with the Brighton Food Festival’s autumn event which is always packed so New Road was really the place to be on Saturday. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the wafts of delicious food smells coming into the Unitarian Church, it was good for me not to be let loose in the Festival because I always come out having eaten lunch 4 times and bought 10 jars of chili jam!

I’ve been to a few of the Makers Boutique Craft fairs as a shopper so I knew that the standard is really high and that they have a great variety of bits on offer. For my first time selling they had a lovely mix of a few newbies like me and also their loyal regulars like my favourite Brighton based screen printers HelloDODO who are also partial to a hilarious pun or two. Another familiar stall was the beautifully delicate ceramics of Lubilou who uses perfectly glazed lace patterns on her pieces and we also had the debut Makers outing of the Brighton Brownie Company who periodically popped round with little nuggets of brownie samples. I think after tasting a quite a few more than necessary my favourite was the chocolate mocha – yum!

Makers Boutique Sept13 3

A wonderful day was had by all and I really look forward to selling with them at their December fair. Details for that can be found here: Makers Boutique Christmas Fair but if you can’t wait until then…….

Makers Boutique Christmas Pop-up Shop

Makers BoutiqueFor the sixth time Makers is taking over the Fishing Quarter Gallery on Brighton seafront and I could not be more excited to be involved and not just because its right opposite my favourite cockle seller! If you live in Brighton you’re still allowed to eat cockles on the beach in December, that’s a fact.

This year it will be open Friday-Sunday from 26th Oct to 21st December plus the half term week to cater to all your crafty Christmas gifty needs from amazing local makers.


The seafront is still beautiful in the winter so it will be a joy to have an excuse to spend a bit of time down there this year. I’ll add more details and I’m sure there will be much to report back once we get everything up so stay tuned for more on that.

Makers Boutique Cornwall Shop

shop_frame_hayle_cornwall_xlarge‘But wait Vicky’ I hear you cry. ‘I don’t live in Brighton! I live in Cornwall which is also lovely and by the sea, I’d like to check out Makers Boutique too!’

Well that’s very specific but you’re in luck! Makers Boutique also has a permanent shop in Hayle and now you can get various bits and bobs of Pickle prints there as well. You can find their details here: Makers Boutique Cornwall.

Phew, that is a whole lot of Makers Boutique related news but I am so pleased to be involved with them. They’re really lovely ladies and a real diamond in the local Brighton craft community. Thanks for having me guys!