Crafty Fox Spring Markets

CFM badges

As you might have seen, I took Woah there Pickle up to London for the first time last week for the Saturday of the marvelous Craft Fox Market. They are doing two weekends in their Spring events schedule this year, and I was selling my bits and bobs at their Peckham market. Here we all are on the second floor, setting up before the many many shoppers arrive!

CFM setting up

It was held in the Bussey Building which I have never been to before and as I arrived through the back entrance I only spied all of the incredible street art around it on my way out. Check out that insanely cool (and pretty scary) bird!

CFM Burssey

CFM street art 1

This was an event I was very excited to be part of because of the brilliant reputation of Crafty Fox which is down to their impeccable choice of sellers for their markets. Looking at the event list beforehand I knew I would be in very good company and I recognised loads of them and their treasures from following on twitter and instagram. It was very hard to make it home with my earnings still in my pocket!

CFM Pickle2It was a beautiful day and the sun was out so everyone seemed to be in the perfect mood to have a little nose around a craft market. It was absolutely rammed all day with lovely people to chat to, I barely had a chance to run around and have a nose at everything on the two floors it covered myself!

Here’s a very small selection of my favorite sellers of the Saturday from the very speedy look about I managed to do while briefly abandoning my stall! ….

CFM andsmileAnd Smile

Viktorija was my neighbour for the day and I have long been an admirer of her work. She illustrates beautiful jewellery around lots of themes but my favourites are her Wes Anderson characters, they are just perfect!

Check her out here:


CFM Ladybird likesLadybird Likes

Ladybird Likes makes all sorts of lovely printed wooden jewellery, really quirky and unique. Again I’ve been following these guys on instagram and particularly loved the brilliant mega pug and cat necklaces they’ve just launched. Just brilliant so go and check those out for sure.


CFM KimKim-Anh Chiem

Kim-Anh makes the most perfect ceramic replicas of real life items and I want them all! The little ceramic Sushi Fish necklace, the little ceramic versions of the paper condiment pots you get in fast food places and of course the beautifully glazed pink shrimp sweet brooches you can see here. They’re so clever!

Seems I was eyeing up a lot of jewellery but who could blame me with that lovely lot. The other thing that caught my eye (shocker!) and it was such a shame I didnt have a second to play was the kick ass screen printing workshop run by Mr Wingate who will be at all of Crafty Fox’s Sprint markets. All that fun printing on bags or aprons for just a fiver? Bargain if you ask me!

CFM printing

CFM Pickle1So all that was just the Saturday! They still have two more days of Markets planned for Spring, this time in Brixton where there will be many many more awesome designers/makers including Brighton favourite Kirstin Stride so go and say hi to the nice lady.




For all the details check out Crafty Fox’s Website here:

Brighton Etsy Team Craftivism Event

craftivism general

Did you see us? Last Saturday 14 members of the Brighton Etsy Team took part in an event for Etsy’s Craftivism month of March. We inhabited the window of Super + Super two by two for an hour a go to make all sorts of crafty bits and bobs in front of your very eyes. Then, all of the resulting treasures plus many many more from the other super members of the team have all been put into a big raffle in aid of Carousel.


Carousel is a Brighton based clarity who works with projects to develop creative skills and to help people with learning disabilities become involved in the arts. They do fantastic work so why not pick up a couple of tickets and support this awesome charity and fingers crossed you’ll win some goodies too.

craftivism makers2

Here’s a few snaps of the day, aren’t’ we busy bees in that window? The whole thing was recorded with a time lapse camera in there with us so look out for the video of that, I bet its going to be interesting! As well as that, there was all sorts of crafting taking place. Knitting (some normal size, some MASSIVE), jewellery making, hand drawn dolls, upcycled stationery, painting, hat making and of course a few forms of printmaking.

I chose to make a little card and a was determined to carve and print the whole thing in the hour we had. Even though me and my window mate, Kirstin, were raucously laughing for most of it, I did indeed manage to get the whole thing done and a few prints out in the hour. Phew! And here’s my progress…

craftivism pickle

All of the bits and bobs we made are now on display in the window of Super + Super on Kings Road so go and scope out your dream prize then get yourself a ticket. You can grab one at the Brighton Etsy Team Talk at The Open Market tonight (Monday 7th) or contact a team member through the comments section on their blog below. It’s open until the end of April so get involved!

For more info on Carousel check out their website:

For more info on the Brighton Etsy Team check out their blog:

craftivism finished window

Adventures in Screen Printing with Sophie Darling

SD studio

I’ve been such a busy bee for the last few weeks! Some of you may know that after a very short lived attempt to solely work from home last summer I have been working in a kick ass little studio in Brighton. It’s filled with wonderful people doing everything from costume design to jewellery making with many arty folk in between and one such lovely is Sophie Saunders.

SD close up

SD finishedSophie is the owner and designer of her own range of hand printed and digitally printed silk scarves called Sophie Darling and they are just gorgeous. If you like beautifully intricate patterns and bold colour combinations, you’re going to want to check out these scarves and they’re all hand printed by Sophie in our studio.

Sophie Darling has just lunched on and as luck would have it she was looking for someone to lend a hand to boost up those stock levels just as I was looking longingly at all our kick ass printing equipment and thinking I really should brush up on the old screen printing skills. So for a couple of weeks I sucked up all the delicious screen printing skills I could while helping to print some beautiful scarves.

SD 3

Sophie’s designs are really detailed and she layers them up in different combinations, sometimes up to 4 of them all on top of each other, to create some really interesting pieces. Some are very floral and then on go some contrasting geometric shapes and the result is perfect. I hope she didn’t mind the names I came up with for each screen, I could be heard shouting ‘Is it the fireworky ball one next?’ from the drying cupboard!

SD big screenThe best bit (apart from spending all day nattering as you do) was probably working with a screen that was taller than me if you stood it on its end. I’ve done a bit of screen printing before but nothing like working with a screen that size. It’s big enough to print a single bed sheet in one go and took two of us to print the thing, one at each end and we had to pass the squeegee back and forth! It’s going to be very odd doing my own thing on a much smaller scale!

SD close up 2

Thanks so much to Sophie for showing me the ropes, I had so much fun. I’m certainly aways happiest when covered in ink so it was so nice to get good and stuck into becoming more familiar with a new printing process. Now that I have the screen printing bug whats in store for Woah there Pickle? Well, I’m looking at putting some of my design onto tea towels and bags to expand the Pickle flavoured goods on offer so watch this space for progress.

SD 1

SD big screen 2Do check out Sophie’s work, you can have a nose here: and of course twitter and instagram (especially like me if you covet prints on there all day every day!)

Thanks Sophie!!

P.s Here’s that massive screen again, wowzers its big!

New Stockist – Cooper’s

Coopers Pickle

I’mvery pleased to announce on this absolutely glorious day that you can now buy Woah there Pickle prints and cards at the awesome Cooper’s in Newport. It’s so exciting to have my first Welsh stockist on board so do pop in if you’re in the area and say hi!

Joan of Art Launch

Spring is upon us (just about) and the daffodils are poking their heads out of the still quite soggy ground! We are getting some really lovely days down here in Brighton finally so I’m currently trying to decide how long it is until it’s acceptable to eat my weight in Boho Gelato again. I’m going to say…that’s going to happen pretty much when I finish typing this.


So whats going on in this newly not freezing Brighton? Well, last weekend was the launch of my dear friends’, Suki Price and Thea Wilkins’s new venture, Joan of Art. What’s that you say? Let me fill you in!

Joan of Art provides new and vintage art supplies to the arty folks of Brighton. They have been online and popping up at craft fairs for a little while now but this weekend saw the launch of their permanent place in the Art Schism Gallery in the North Laine area of Brighton. Now you can pop in and grab one of their cute Urban Sketching Kits for a gift or stock up on pencils and paints.

joan stuff

At the launch last Saturday spirits were high and were initially helped along by live music by a portion of the brilliantly pirate-y The Captains Beard. There were sea shanties galore, many ARGHHHs and they even managed to get the crowd doing a good old spin-each-other-round-by-the-elbow dance in among the art.

joan drawing

Then there was Joan of Art themed life drawing where the model was dressed like the triumphant Joan in the girls’ logo right down to the pencil flag. Even I joined in and I never do life drawing!

joan 3

So now they’re in! Well done girls! I hope it all goes swimmingly and if you’re in Brighton this weekend why not pop in to Art Schism and check out not only the awesome artwork they have there but Joan of Arts lovely bits and bobs too.

Check out Joan of Art’s Facebook page:


Happy Valentine’s and the New Fishing Quarter Exhibition

Well, wouldn’t you know it is already Valentine’s Day! Where did January go?

BFQ spring

BFQspringThis weekend was the opening weekend of the Makers Boutique Fishing Quarter Gallery Exhibition. We last did this just before Christmas and are back with an incredible 6 month rolling exhibition so there will be a new mix of makers and artists every 6 weeks ish from now until the end of July.

I am one of the makers kicking it off so you can see my prints down there from now until the 16th March and I also manned the fort as it were this Sunday so I had a good chance to have a nosey around and pick out a couple of favourite sellers to tell you about…

BFQ cissie1

Cissie Ednas Fancies

Cissie Edna Fancies makes kick ass jewellery from felt and shrinky plastic. She likes all things cute and kitsch and her designs range from these awesome animal necklaces to wickedly gruesome bleeding hearts. Check her stuff out in the gallery and her facbook page here.


BFQ obs 2Partially Obscured

Su Wilson is a glass designer and instructor. I’ve not come across her work before but I am such a sucker for coloured glass its so tactile, you cant help but want to touch it! These glass bunting strings are so simple and have tiny little real gold decals on them. Check out her work on Facebook here


BFQ BettyBetty Shek

Betty is a beloved familiar face from the Makers Boutique markets and exhibitions. She makes beautiful handmade jewellery from found materials such as vintage buttons which she embroiders into some really intricate broaches, they’re really worth a look. I really love her tattoo inspired heart box frames as well. Check her out at her Etsy shop here

There are many  more makers involved and as I said there will be a bit of a switcheroo every 6 weeks roughly so do pop down when there is a bit of a break in the rain or you could use it for shelter if you find yourself down that way!

So Happy Valentines Day and if you’re still looking for a card for your significant other and/or leave these things to the last minute and panic, not to worry! You still have just enough time to nip into the Fishing Quarter Gallery on this weekend and grab one of those babies. Might I recommend a cheeky little Hello Treacle which has been very popular this year or the one that makes me laugh is the Rickroll Card, gotta love a bit of the Astley!

Never gunna give you up card Treacle Card Red



New Stockist – Inkwell


Woah there Pickle has gone international with the addition of our new stockist, Inkwell in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Do have a peek at their website, their store looks like the most beautiful print heaven I can imagine! It’s probably a good thing for my poor credit card that I live so far away.

1658 Market Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 0B7

Tuesday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday & Monday: Closed

Toilets de los Muertos

thea chozaIt’s Friday so to spread the weekend love I thought I’d take a quick opportunity to show you some of the kick ass work of my friend Thea Wilkins. There she is (at least I think that’s her, tricky to see with the mask!)

Thea finished her Illustration degree at Brighton Uni last year and has since been killing it around Brighton doing murals and signage for pubs and shops. You can see her stuff at the Marlbourgh Pub in Kemptown and she regularly does the windows at the Fountain Head.

Check out some pictures I snuck of the lady doing the toilets in one of the most delicious Mexican restaurants in Brighton, La Choza on Gloucester Road.

thea choza ladies mensThis isnt the first loo that Thea has pimpped. It all started with the Burn Your Dregs competition for Wahoo Bar where she did her first Day of the Dead loo, entitled VooPoo shack. La Choza saw that design and liked it so wanted her to do a more brightly coloured version for their loos and didn’t she just!

thea choza closeups

I asked Thea about her run of lavvy murals, she said “I’m glad to have surfaced from the toilets and moved onto murals and windows around Brighton. Glad to have brightened peoples penny’s up though!”

thea other

You can follow Thea on all the normal social media bits and bobs here. Give her a poke and say I said Hi!

Twitter: @TheaZLWilkins

Facebook: TheaZLWilkins

New Year and 2013 Round Up

So we survived it people! Well done and pats on the back all round.

christmas 2

I bloody love Christmas and this year was made all the more exciting because it was my first being a printmaker full time and joining in on the madness that comes with selling your wares around that time of year. I knew a bit about what to expect but I am so happy to have been kept so busy so thank you to anyone who contributed towards that.

MB21st 2A huge part was obviously the many many wonderfully fairs that Brighton has to offer. It’s such a great mix of getting to chat to customers and get some great feedback on what you’re doing as well as catching up with other people in the Brighton makers community and meet some new faces. It’s always a really positive experience and hopefully you do some decent sales on the day too! Highlights for me this season were definitely the Craftaganza weekend and the Makers Boutique right before Christmas.

MB 21st

The Makers Boutique coincided with the annual Burning the Clocks, which is a street festival and parade that happens on the winter solstice every year in Brighton. Normally it ends with a huge fireworks display and unsurprisingly a big clock of sorts being set on fire in the sea. Brighton is a strange cookie that’s for sure. unfortunately because of the bad weather we’d been having the fireworks were cancelled but the lantern parade still went ahead so after a really great day at the fair we got to catch the parade just as we were leaving.

burning of the clocks

The last job of the year was then to take down the exhibition at the Fishing Quarter Gallery, which had been up since October, then it was Christmas all the way from there!

I wont prattle on too much about the holidays but, as I’m sure most of them are, my family are bonkers so we had much fun all round, he’s a little round up of snaps to give you an idea. Big shout out to the Tunbridge Wells panto, brilliant as always!


granny square redSo now it’s 2014 and I’m 6 months into being self employed! I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year. I have goals to write and plans to make and fingers to cross that this year will be as good and better than the last. I’ve already added my first new product of the year which is a nice big crochet granny square and is now available in my online shops

Thank you so much to everyone who has lent me a helping hand so far and to anyone who has parted with their hard earned cast for anything Pickle-y. Also to all of the lovely makers in Brighton who are so helpful and supportive if anyone has a question or two and my brilliant stockists as well.

I’ll leave you with a little look at what all this blustery weather has done to the Brighton seafront. Yeah, all of those stones don’t belong on that side of the fence!

brighton beach

New Stockist – LOIS Peckham


Just sneaking in before a bit of a Christmas and New Year round up to quickly announce that Woah there Pickle has a new stockist on board!

You can now get prints and cards at the fantastic LOIS in Peckham and having had a good old nose through the makers I’m an in company with, I am thrilled. Do go and check them out!

42 Choumert Road, London SE15 4SE
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm