Adventures in Screen Printing with Sophie Darling

March 28, 2014 admin

SD studio

I’ve been such a busy bee for the last few weeks! Some of you may know that after a very short lived attempt to solely work from home last summer I have been working in a kick ass little studio in Brighton. It’s filled with wonderful people doing everything from costume design to jewellery making with many arty folk in between and one such lovely is Sophie Saunders.

SD close up

SD finishedSophie is the owner and designer of her own range of hand printed and digitally printed silk scarves called Sophie Darling and they are just gorgeous. If you like beautifully intricate patterns and bold colour combinations, you’re going to want to check out these scarves and they’re all hand printed by Sophie in our studio.

Sophie Darling has just lunched on and as luck would have it she was looking for someone to lend a hand to boost up those stock levels just as I was looking longingly at all our kick ass printing equipment and thinking I really should brush up on the old screen printing skills. So for a couple of weeks I sucked up all the delicious screen printing skills I could while helping to print some beautiful scarves.

SD 3

Sophie’s designs are really detailed and she layers them up in different combinations, sometimes up to 4 of them all on top of each other, to create some really interesting pieces. Some are very floral and then on go some contrasting geometric shapes and the result is perfect. I hope she didn’t mind the names I came up with for each screen, I could be heard shouting ‘Is it the fireworky ball one next?’ from the drying cupboard!

SD big screenThe best bit (apart from spending all day nattering as you do) was probably working with a screen that was taller than me if you stood it on its end. I’ve done a bit of screen printing before but nothing like working with a screen that size. It’s big enough to print a single bed sheet in one go and took two of us to print the thing, one at each end and we had to pass the squeegee back and forth! It’s going to be very odd doing my own thing on a much smaller scale!

SD close up 2

Thanks so much to Sophie for showing me the ropes, I had so much fun. I’m certainly aways happiest when covered in ink so it was so nice to get good and stuck into becoming more familiar with a new printing process. Now that I have the screen printing bug whats in store for Woah there Pickle? Well, I’m looking at putting some of my design onto tea towels and bags to expand the Pickle flavoured goods on offer so watch this space for progress.

SD 1

SD big screen 2Do check out Sophie’s work, you can have a nose here: and of course twitter and instagram (especially like me if you covet prints on there all day every day!)

Thanks Sophie!!

P.s Here’s that massive screen again, wowzers its big!